11 Principles For Highly Effective Leadership


This book details what a leader is and the 11 principles of a good leader. Skills that are needed and can be developed. What type of leader are you?

#1:  The Self-Motivated Leader

#2:  The Confident Leader

#3:  The Accountable Leader

#4:  The Passionate Leader

#The Courageous Leader

#6:  The Leader with Integrity

#7:  The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

#8:  The Humble Leader

#9:  The Visionary Leader

#10:  The Disciplined Leader

#11:  The Communicating Leader

Generally speaking, a leader is someone who motivates others to act toward achieving a common goal. A leader is able to rally people around a cause and move them to take action toward achieving a particular objective, but how does he do it? Let’s find out.



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